Cyber Law: Legal and Practical Aspects

“You know, friends, most victims of cyber crimes do not seek the help of law because they do not even know that there are specific laws for the purpose.
“The last book in the cyber series, it is an exposition of cyber law for the common man—how he or she can take recourse to the cyber law in case they become victims of cyber crime.”
“This book offers an exhaustive exposition of the Information Technology Act 2000 and the Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008; cyber law with specific reference to crimes against women; cyber pornography; financial crimes like credit card frauds and online frauds etc.; intellectual property rights; cyber legislations of other nations; liability of Internet service providers for copyright infringement; and cyber law and e-commerce, etc. all illustrated with the help of decided cases.”
“For students of law, police officers, lawyers and media persons this book is a comprehensive introduction to cyber law.”

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