Cyber Crimes: Preventive Measures and Cyber Forensics

“Friends, do you know one of the great specialties of Dad? He can explain the most complex subject in a most lucid manner—in a way which even a lay man could understand. You see, it is easy to explain things to specialists, those who know a subject already—you can use jargon and leave a lot of things unexplained. The real skill lies in making complex things intelligible to lay persons. That’s where Dad excels.”
“Cyber crime is one such field. Cyber crime is flourishing because there is widespread ignorance about it. Hence it is vital for everybody to be educated about both cyber crimes and their investigation. Unless you empower yourself by knowing this, you would continue to suffer in silence. Hence this book. Hitherto, the books on the subject had made it appear both unnecessarily complex and intimidating. This is the very first lucid exposition in the world that will make you really understand the subject of cyber crime and cyber forensics.”
“You could be a student, a housewife, a schoolgirl, a working woman, a businessman, a middle-class salaried employee, or a professional—all of you could easily become victims of cyber crime. The moment you connect your computer to the Internet it becomes a potential target for cyber criminals. Cyber criminals across the world loot 105 billion dollars every year from business houses—more than the value of the illegal drug trade worldwide!”
“This is the very first comprehensive coverage of the subject in the world, ranging from cyber crimes like cyber pornography, harassment through emails, email spoofing, SMS spoofing, credit card frauds, phishing, Internet/online frauds, and staying safe on social networking sites like the Facebook to data theft. The book describes the tools of the cyber criminals including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware and other malware and then discusses cyber forensics and other techniques which catch the cyber criminals.”

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