Cyber Security, Cyber Attacks and Hacking

“Yet another great book in the series of three books on cyber matters. Hitherto, the books on the subject had made it appear both unnecessarily complex and intimidating. This is the very first lucid exposition in the world that will make you really understand the subject of subject of cyber security, hacking and cyber warfare.”
“You know, friends, cyber security is vital in the modern age of computers. Modern society, economy, and critical industrial infrastructures are greatly dependent on computer networks and other IT solutions. Mounting cyber attacks on them is both cheaper and less risky than attacks with armies and bombs. Military forces of the advanced nations and their computer wizards have turned the Internet into the battle arena of the future. A couple of keystrokes could bring electric power grids, dams, airlines and banking to a grinding halt. Hackers could steal vital data from even your personal computer sitting thousands of miles away or could take complete control of it—worse, they could use it to launch a malicious attack, the blame of which will fall on you!”
“This is not science fiction, comrades. The Stuxnet virus unleashed by those American and Israeli crooks had damaged nearly 1000 of Iranian centrifuges and set back their nuclear program by at least five years—all without firing a single shot!”
“This is the first comprehensive coverage of the subject in the world, ranging from computer security, cyber security risks, the secrets of hacking and hacking into wireless networks, computer networks, the Internet, firewalls, password hacking, hacking of websites and databases, and anti-hacking measures, to cyber warfare capabilities of various nations.”

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