Decisive Battles of Indian History

“You know, my friends, how this book came to be written?”
“No, Sire, enlighten us.”
“Well, once Mum and Dad visited the Residency at Lucknow. The visit reminded them that in 1857, just 1,720 British soldiers under the brilliant generalship of Henry Havelock, in spite of being encumbered with 1,274 women, kids and other non-combatants held their ground against not less than a 100,000 armed besiegers. Prodigies of valour were performed. Later at Sikandar Bagh, under Colin Campbell, six units earned as many as 18 Victoria Crosses in a single day with 6 of them going to the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders to which Col. Mickey belonged. Incidentally, this was the highest number of Victoria Crosses won in a single day in the history of England. Shine the bayonet, shine eternal, for it needs a real man to wield it.”
“Three cheers to the bravery of Col. Mickey and his comrades-in-arms! Hip, hip, hooray!”
“That very moment, they decided to write this book.”
My brothers, let no one forget the basic thing true about the entire history; victory or defeat, success or failure, it is the story of great men and great deeds, whether of one side or the other. If the sons of the Motherland emerged victorious, they were great; if the others succeeded, their greatness deserved that. History is the saga of the triumph of greatness over mediocrity; it does not really matter it belonged to whom, because ultimately it was somebody's greatness that did make India as we have it today.
“In this book, citing as many as 595 primary and secondary sources, Mum and Dad have busted all the falsehoods that have been propagated regarding military history.”

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