Defence Yearbook

“What has Dad done in this book, O Sagacious One?”
“He has demystified the subject of intelligence in the context of terrorism. He did this because once again, the duffers do not know anything about it.”
“The common man, the media and the system itself expect that intelligence must know everything— that it must be able to penetrate even the minds of those who are thinking of becoming terrorists. They think that intelligence must have some magic wand by which they must be able to warn us of every terrorist strike—that is exactly where and what they are going to do.”
“Expectations are one thing, my Lord, reality quite another.”
“Well said, my dears. These buggers do not have the slightest idea as to how could one do that? There is no magic in real life.”
The media, people and even intelligence officers do not know that there are intrinsic limits within which the motivating / causal factors of financial temptation; ideology; racial, cultural, religious or linguistic affinity; blackmail; or desire to take revenge can be exploited. Collection of intelligence by technical means also has its limits. Intelligence cannot be omniscient, duffers. Period.”
“Remember that unless the consumers of intelligence realize these limitations, the suppliers of intelligence would be making a fool of that nation
. They would be peddling sensational stories ‘cooked up’ on the desks as intelligence. Ninety-nine imaginary reports plus one real report equals a hundred sensational reports--they will also seek to break the news upon you that whatever is possible under the is likely to happen!”

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