Disaster Management

“Listen, O dear friends, whether it is earthquakes, floods, flash floods, cyclones, drought, industrial disaster, or outbreak of various types of epidemics, we almost invariably end up with massive loss of lives and property. Our record in disaster management has been far from satisfactory. The memories of the Uttarakhand floods, the cyclones in Orissa, floods in Bihar, the Bhuj earthquake, and the 2004 tsunami are still fresh in our memory. You know what the real problem is?”
“Tell us, Master.”
“Well, friends, there are several reasons.”
“The first is that disaster management is a relatively new subject in India. Few people know about it.”
“The second is that the most people know only how to cry over disasters.
“But, Master, they are also willing to offer help in rescue and relief.”
“My dears, they do it because they regard it as a religious duty to help people in distress.”
“They have yet to learn about preventing disasters; disaster mitigation measures; disaster preparedness; and recovery from disasters.
“In this book you will find exhaustive material on the techniques and equipment which you would not find anywhere else. Drawing from the examples and best practices in the world, it will enable organisations and governments to know what they ought to do for preventing disasters and coping with them; what equipment they should have; what preparation they should make, and how they must employ them. Every human of this world must read this book so that they are better prepared for coping with any type of disaster.”

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