“Fighting fires is exciting, Master, isn’t it?
“Yes, my dears, and it is no simple task. Fire-fighting and fire engineering have been developed as specialities. Unfortunately, in India, fire service remains extremely backward. While the world has developed absolutely astounding fire engines, extinguishers and numerous other implements of fire-fighting, Indian fire services have remained almost unchanged for a long time—the Indian fire-fighter or the fireman is still essentially what people describe colloquially as ‘seedhi bamba wallah’ (a guy with ladder and hosepipe)! Indians are lagging at least half a century behind the rest of the world in fire-fighting.
“We often watch horrific fire accidents on TV showing blazing fires in residential buildings, commercial complexes, factories and godowns. Fires cause tremendous losses every year in which many people are killed and property worth billions is destroyed. And yet no improvement has taken place.”
“Why, Master, why?”
“The reason is not their poverty or lack of funds. Indian fire services have remained primitive and backward because there is an utter lack of modern knowledge regarding fire-fighting. Ignorance is all-pervasive. Nearly 75% of fires in homes are caused by electrical problems. Yet most people do not know what type of extinguisher must be used on electrical fires. The wrong type can electrocute you.”
“We get it, Sire. We know, this book fills this yawning gap. It is the very first book of its kind which presents a complete overview of the modern science of fire-fighting in one cover containing both theoretical as well as practical aspects.

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