Historic Battles of India: A Study in Military Science

“Friends, India has a very long history of wars and warfare. Indians loved to fight; does not matter that they never learnt how to fight! Had they learnt, India would not have faced repeated and utterly insulting defeats at the hands of invaders of all sorts, ranging from the Greeks, to Huns, Arabs, Turks, Mughals, Afghans, British, French and Portuguese?”
“Sure, my Lord, these guys only knew how to twirl their moustaches and get killed in the battlefield; they never learned how to fight. Brave they were, courageous they were; they were not good soldiers!
“Not only that, they never tried to analyze the causes of their defeats stretching over centuries. If they had analyzed it but once, the history of this country would have been different.”
“So this is what Mum and Dad have done in this great book—something which nobody has had done in 2300 years?”
“Yes, my dears, this book will tell you what was wrong with our military system? Why did we lose repeatedly at the hands of invaders?”
This book covers an unprecedented 103 historic battles starting from Alexander’s invasion and ending with the battles of the Mutiny. These were the battles that changed the course of our history and shaped our destiny.”
It is the most exhaustive book on military history and science in the whole world. Anything that is important in the history of India from a military angle is to be found here.”
Speaking of the authenticity of this book let me tell you that it has a formidable array of references of as many as 759 authorities, by God! No book on military science and military history in the world is as exhaustive as this. Be proud of it.

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