India’s Wars and Warfare

“My friends, when it comes to wars, people love to read human stories—how so-and-so fought so bravely, how he fought against fearful odds, and so on.”
“Yes, Master, all of us do admire heroism, stories that both excite and inspire.” “But, humble ones, unfortunately warfare is a complex professional business. Wars are not decided on the basis of individuals’ heroism. Such human stories fail to analyze the larger professional issues pertaining to conduct of wars by nations. The conduct of wars involves much more than firing guns—deciding the objective of the campaign and the battle at hand; planning campaigns; marshalling the resources of the country; organizing forces for a battle; drawing on experience; planning battles; directing large formations in battles; anticipating enemy strategy and tactics; and making logistics arrangements of all sorts (from food and shelter to weapons) for the armies.”

“Military men who have written on the wars of India usually get lost in anecdotal accounts of bravery of individuals at tactical level or in eulogizing certain senior officers for their planning—the real overall conduct of war is all but lost sight of.”

“This is the very first book that, in a single cover, deals with all the wars of independent India, including the 1947-48 Kashmir war, the 1962 war with China and the three wars with Pakistan in 1965, 1971 and the Kargil war in 1999 and analyzes their professional issues—how we fared, and why we fared. If the past is not analyzed objectively, the building of the future will be based on illusions and misplaced jingoism of a primitive variety instead of proven facts. And that’s why they have written this book.”

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