Indian Defence: Crisis and Challenges

“You are all distinguished officers from the Imperial Age, my inquisitive friends. I hope you have not forgotten all the military theory that I taught you from Sun Tzu to Clausewitz to Liddell Hart? What do you think, how can a nation win wars?”

“Yes, Sire, the relative strengths of two nations is not determined by the size of their armies alone or the number of weapon systems they possess. People are obsessed with big guns because guns are obvious phallic symbols!”
“My dears, armies win battles; it’s nations that win wars. Strong armies do not win wars; strong nations do. Conversely, if the nations are not strong, they will not be able to win wars, though they may win some battles. That’s where the real military crisis of India lies.”

“Who will ponder on the subject, O brothers-in-arms? Do you think the army officers of the world can?
“No, my Lord, it requires brains! Ha, ha, ha!”
“Can the self-styled defence experts of the world do it?”
“No, Sire, all they can do is blabber in some obscure jargonized gibberish which even they do not understand.”
“Can the media of the world do it?”
“No, Master, they do not know their ass from a hole in the ground!”

“Who will expose their farce, then, O faithful ones?”
“Our Mum and Dad, Sire, of course!”
“And that’s why they produced this fantabulous book.”

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