India’s Internal Security: The Actual Concerns

“You know, brothers, there is a curious thing about India. Every Indian believes himself to be an expert in, and has some valuable advice on three things: internal security (read the Kashmir problem, naxalism, and Islamist terrorism, etc.), Bollywood and cricket.”
“That makes the business of internal security a big racket—organizations develop their departmental interests. Cry wolf and you get more funds, get more powers, expand the organization, create more posts to park more senior officers, and above all, manage to stay relevant even if you have done nothing to justify their existence. Hundreds of industries and traders survive selling useless gadgets to provide technological solutions to socio-political problems. He, he, he! Then a battery of self-styled experts suffering from verbal diarrhoea tries to make the bullshit appear respectable.”
“Yes, Master, the proliferation of stupidity keeps everyone happy.
“My dears, it’s time people stopped thinking like a civil service aspirant—real life is vastly different from the answers these guys write in the UPSC exams.”
“Read it and then you will understand what exactly the nation ought to be doing to emerge victorious. It is the Mother of All Books to bust all ignorance in this field out of existence.

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