Intelligence and Security Management

“What is intelligence, Master, enlighten us curious people.”
“For a detailed answer you will have to read this book. But in simple words, it means that you have to find out something which the other guy is trying to conceal from you.”
“How do you do that?”
“Yeah, it requires a lot of analysis, among other things. That demands brains which are in short supply amongst intelligence officers of the world. That’s how they have had fiascos like the Black Hawk Down incident.”
“Now we get it. That’s how these guys peddle market rumours as intelligence or simply take some published news, make its English still poorer and pass it off as intelligence.
“They would not say yes and they would not say no—but they would give a definite may be! Or they would say that everything that can happen under the sun is likely to happen! If something even remotely connected to their predictions does take place, they would jump at the opportunity and claim that they had said so; if it does not happen, they would very coolly tell you that after all it was a mere possibility!
“Yes, brothers, they have been able to do this ‘intellectual corruption’ for long because they have purposefully made it into an arcane field, if not a dark art. When nobody knows what intelligence is, nobody can point out its mistakes either. They are a big hoax. In the name of secrecy, they have been perpetuating outright incompetence and intellectual dishonesty.”
“Oh, yeah, and this book exposes the ‘cult of secrecy’ which they have built around themselves.”
“This is a veritable encyclopaedia of intelligence. Read it and you will know how they have been making a fool of their nations for so long.

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