Jungle Warfare: An Ultimate Handbook

“Why did Dad write this book, Master?”
He wrote it because the armed forces of the world do not know anything about jungle warfare. Ever since the very dear, very muscled Rambo bared his torso, people think that jungle warfare is what Rambo did—blazing away non-stop with everything ranging from explosive-tipped arrows of Torque Bows to M60 machineguns. Never mind that the hunk did not drink a drop of water, did not eat a bite and did not take a leak even as he destroyed half the jungle!”

“Then there were some desi Rambos also in films like Peranmai (Hindi version ‘Kasam Hindustan Ki’). They tell you what a super commando and of course, some highly precocious, nubile and over-sexed, gushing young girls of the NCC could do, and which your stupid soldiers could not do! Oh, boy, Tollywood tells you how to fight in the jungles!”

And you thought jungle warfare is about super commandos frolicking in jungles with such precocious girls as fellow soldiers?

“Well, my dear disciples, leave the bullshit to films. This book hits hard, extremely hard at all the nonsense that has pervaded this field. Read it and you will be infinitely more knowledgeable.”

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