Kashmir: An Experiment Gone Sour

“Friends, this is the ‘inside’ story of Kashmir in the mid-1990s when insurgency was at its peak and the place was literally burning. It offers a first-hand account of what life was like in Kashmir in that era.”
“Kashmir in that era was, for all practical purposes, inaccessible to the average Indian. Some people had a vested interest in keeping the people of the country ill-informed or misinformed about Kashmir. The secessionists, on the other hand, resorted to exaggerated and distorted propaganda. The media could have only ‘escorted’ tours in the valley and their access was severely limited. Moreover, they were dumb. As such, nobody knew the truth. But this book told the truth.
“Master, we hear that till just a few years back, Kashmir was the ever romantic place; the great Indian middle class’s cherished dream. It was a place which responded to the poetic fibre of one’s nature. Then it became as ghostly as the face of a former lover. What had gone wrong?”
“This book will tell you that. It provides you the reality you must know; and agony you must feel! It is a must reading for every citizen who wants to know what had been happening in Kashmir.”
“Based on personal experiences, it covers everything about Kashmir and the crisis in Kashmir and provides a most authentic account of the Valley on fire.”
“It does not just describe—it dissects and disembowels and brings out the bizarre truth in all its gory details.”

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