Later Mughals: Their Decline And British Ascent

“You have all been students of history. You know that in sheer grandeur no Empire of the world could come anywhere near the Mughals. Louis XIV, the Sun King, pales before them.”
“But just 32 years after the death of Aurangzeb, first the infernal Nadir Shah looted Delhi; and 22 years after that it was the turn of the hell-dog Ahmad Shah Abdali. Does it not intrigue you, my inquisitive friends, what had eaten into the vitals of the Mughal Empire?
“Open our eyes, Sire.”
“For that you will have to read this book. This book tells you all about the Mughal emperors who succeeded him.”
“All dynasties do come to an end in due course, but what had conspired with Fate to make it so cruel, so vicious, and so malevolent? Was it the unprecedented strength of the personality of the man who was Abu Muzaffar Muhiyuddin Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir Padshah Ghazi? Was it his bigotry? Was it the strength of his faith that enabled him to offer namaz in the thick of battle? Was it his extraordinary generalship? Was it his fierce determination? Was it his obstinacy? Was it his phenomenal energy? Or was it karma after all, and none of these? Who knows? Strange and inscrutable are the ways of God! But one thing is certain—this tragic farce of human life was never played so harrowingly.”
People of Hindustan, prepare to shed some tears for few stories end so tragically as that of the ‘Mighty Mughals’.”
“This is hitherto the most comprehensive book on later Mughals, their decline and the rise of the British power in India.”
“Yes, Master, we know, this and the ‘Historic Battles of India’ are the magnum opus of Mum and Dad—the finest of their creations in over three decades.”

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