“This is a book on Urdu poetry, a critique of the work of late poet Rai sahib Krishna Gopal Saxena ‘Sukhan’ Jaipuri (b. August 13, 1894; d. December 11, 1988).
“Sukhan” Jaipuri sahib had published his collection (Deewan) of Urdu poetry with the title ‘Bahaar-e-Sukhan’ in 1971. It was highly acclaimed. However, Mum felt that the ‘Deewan’, being in the Urdu script, made it difficult for a large number of readers to fully admire and enjoy its beauty. She realized that the nuances of the excellent Urdu poetry of ‘Sukhan’ Jaipuri sahib would reach a far larger section of people if the poetry was provided with a commentary replete with the meanings of difficult words. Hence this book.

“There are many poets who can write poetry because they have knowledge of the basic rules of poetry. This does not make them into great poets. Great poetry is created when it springs from the depths of the heart through the sheer intensity of the emotions of the poet. Emotions are an integral part of life and their intensity depends on two things—the experiences one has undergone, and the inherent sensitivity of the man. ‘Sukhan’ Jaipuri sahib had diverse experiences in life; ranging from a lordly affluent life in the service of the princely court of Jaipur in very high positions to some very difficult times in his 37 years of life after retirement without a pension (those rajas gave no pension, you see)—all that was to find expression in his poetry.

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Qaumi Publishers, J-21/28A, Rasoolpura, Badi Bazar, Varanasi, India

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