National Security and Global Strategic Issues

“My dear protégé, this is the companion volume to “Strategic Thought and the Art of War” or both are companions to each other.”
“This volume covers the whole gamut of theories of peace and conflict; causes of war; terrorism; Cold War; arms race and arms control; nuclear strategies and theories of deterrence; Soviet and Chinese strategies; peacekeeping and peace-building; defence from ballistic missiles and other WMDs; concepts of national power and national security; India’s national security; defence economics, planning and production; and India’s higher defence organization.” “Speaking of national security and global strategic issues, my friends, let me reveal a secret to you.”
“What is that, O Learned One?”
“Everywhere in the world, there is a racket regarding the business of the so-called intellectual deliberation on national security and global strategic issues. The think-tanks or the so-called research institutions in the field are neither intellectually capable nor they are intellectually honest. Most of them are sponsored by some business house or the other with a clear domestic or international political alignment or they receive some foreign grant. As a result, they unfairly, unjustifiably support a particular line of thinking or criticize some other line for their vested interests.

“This book frees you from the clutches of those who have very craftily dominated and moulded the thinking on the subject of national security and strategic issues. After reading this book, you will be able to think for yourself.”

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