Natural Disaster Management: What Every Man Should Know To Save Their Families

“What is this book about, O Learned Scholar?”
“This book is a sequel to the much bigger book ‘Disaster Management’ and complements it in several ways.”
“How, Sire?”
“Well, the earlier book was a comprehensive treatise focusing on what organisations and governments must do for preventing disasters and coping with them.”
“But natural disasters like earthquakes; yearly floods, flash floods; cyclones; tsunami; landslides; heat wave; cold wave; and so on could come without much warning. You could very well be one of those. Do you have any idea what you should do then? Do you want you, your family, friends or neighbours to be hapless victims?”
“This book focuses on what individuals, families and small communities like residential colonies and villages must do to cope with disasters
. The main argument of the book is that while citizens must expect help from the government, it takes time to mobilize resources, rescue the victims, deliver aid and provide relief to the people. Till such time, people could not be sitting and suffering or losing lives.”
The USP of this book is its vast repertoire of down-to-earth and most practical advice. It teaches them improvised methods of coping with disasters with the resources that might be available with the families or communities.” “We get it, Master, this is a self-help manual for individuals, families and small communities.”
“You got that right, chum. Learn and help yourself.

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