Naxalism and Anti-Naxal Operations

“You know, my dear friends, how is it that even 50 years after their birth, the naxals are still a scourge for the nation? Have you wondered why? Because all that we have in this country is a curious mix of harebrained military exotica and the intellectual bankruptcy of the clerks.
“Enlighten us about the classic ones amongst them, O Learned Scholar.”
“In the dog solution, they hope some ugly looking Belgian Shepherds would go in the jungles, tell you where the naxals are and then you can shoot the jokers! Omigosh! Have mercy on us dogs! The poor dogs have never found even a rat!”
“In the UAV solution, they hope a Rs. 100 crore UAV will tell you from 15,000 feet up in the sky as to where the naxals are, and then you can shoot the jokers. Never mind, not even a rat has been killed that way.”
“In the film ‘Chakravyuha’ solution, they surgically planted a very small radio beacon in the body of a man who was ‘infiltrated’ amongst the naxals. From scores of miles away, this beacon would tell you where the naxals were going—just fly down there in a helicopter in a jiffy with and shoot them down from the chopper. Never mind, such beacons don’t exist.”
“In the paan shop solution, they hope to give a mobile phone to the paanwala and tell him to inform of the presence of naxals. But for this brilliant idea, they have wasted 50 years!”
This book has been written so that the nation does not commit stupidity like these. Mum has ruthlessly dissected and exposed every single stupidity in the business of anti-naxal operations. This is the ultimate book on naxals and naxalism—anything you shall ever need to know is to be found here.

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