Next War: India, Pakistan, China

“Master, it appears from the TV that we could go to war any moment. Every day the excitable anchors in tight tube tops threaten of giving a ‘befitting reply’ and what not. Please do enlighten us.”
“My worthy friends, left to the dunderheads on TV, our great missiles would streak across the sky raining nuclear fire and the mighty Indian army would roll up both Pakistan and China in no time.Unfortunately, real life is complex and complexity is beyond the ken of TV or the think-tanks.
“You see, my dears, stupidity is unpardonable. How much I wish that I, the master of the secret art ‘Hun Chang Tung Hassee’, could beat the shit out of these duffers?”
These guys and gals do not understand that besides a host of imponderables characteristic of any war, India’s strategic position in the next war will be complicated by three factors. The first is that a nuclear-armed Pakistan would not let itself be subjected to a decisive defeat of the 1971 type war at any cost. The second is that the Chinese not only have a much higher overall military potential than us, they are, in contrast to Pakistan, not likely to get pressurized by the Americans. The third is that we could indeed face even a two-front war. Altogether, the next likely war poses very difficult challenges.
“Strategic planning by one school of thought derives its precepts and lessons from historical experience; the other school places its trust in the power of military technology. Fact is, both schools are imperfect and hence a hybrid, more inclusive modelling is necessary—an approach developed in this book.”
This book demystifies the complex yet vital subject of India’s military concerns in a most authoritative manner. Read it and you shall be enlightened.”

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