Not Again Draupadi: Women’s Security in India

“You know, my dears, one woman gets raped every 30 minutes in this country. And yet nobody had ever analyzed this crisis in depth. Mum and Dad did this. It was a very difficult task.”
“This book, for the first time in India, presents a comprehensive analysis of the entire issue of security of women.”
“The analysis includes psychological analysis of different types of rapists including pathological rapists, gang rapists, date/acquaintance rapists, dominance assertion rapists, riot rapists, crime-on-the-side rapists, juvenile rapists, paedophiles and rapists of children; sociological analysis of rape and molestation; historical reasons of the Indian male’s twisted notions of manliness; societal factors responsible for sexually aggressive behaviour; media’s role and responsibility; effect of the popular media on the minds of the people; effect of pornography and sexually titillating content in the media on the minds of the people; how the fostering of certain stereotypes distorts the notions of the men about women; objectification of women in the mass media and its effect; what help can a woman expect from the police; an exposition of the judicial process for victims of sexual offences; nuances of the law pertaining to rape and molestation; post-rape response and trauma management; women and self-defence; and sexual harassment and the legal system to deal with it.
“A ruthless analysis of the real source of the problem, it offers a whole lot of extremely valuable practical advice and top tips for women to make themselves more secure.”
“This is a book every woman will be grateful for.”

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