Nuclear Weapons and International Security

“Friends, with my great insight into military matters, let me tell you that nuclear weapons are there to stay forever. Better learn to live with the nukes. And do not forget to piss on those who keep on talking of disarmament, universal peace and development. The buggers forget that nations of the world still keep a fearsome inventory of nuclear weapons.”
“Why, Sire, why?”
“They keep the nukes because they have factored them in their war-fighting strategy. Had they taken a vow on their mothers’ honour not to use them ever, why would they spend trillions of dollars to keep them? They are not mad, are they?”
“You know, my dears, these stupid humans excel in deluding themselves. But you should never be misled into believing that whatever that is too horrible to think of cannot happen. This means that in future wars, nuclear weapons can indeed be used and we must be prepared for it.
“What will happen, Master, if nuclear weapons are used?”
“Do not worry, dear, there will be a great deal of destruction alright but it SHALL NOT be an Armageddon or end of the world. The notions which these stupid humans harbour from TV, films or popular articles are all wrong. Dad is a nuclear scientist; trust his great knowledge. We shall survive.
“It is therefore imperative that we must analyze the subject of nuclear weapons, and nuclear policies of North Korea, Israel, Iran, China, Pakistan, USA, Russia, England, France and India comprehensively in all its dimensions. This is what this book does.”

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