Police and Security Yearbook

“In this book, Dad has analyzed the complex issue of riot control; how and why the current equipment are inadequate and how we can find more effective technologies.”
He has shown that, for social-historical-political reasons, the Indian rioters are materially different from people who indulge in riotous behaviour in the Western world. Hence, these Indians need different kinds of equipment. He has solved the vexatious problem of controlling and dispersing a riotous mob that is armed with implements capable of inflicting serious injury to the policemen and that too without any wanton killing of the people.”
“He has also discussed the problem of an ideal police weapon. The police weapon must not be designed to kill with the first instance simply because the victim could be needed further for questioning and eventual prosecution for justice. Therefore, police weapons for regular use must have sufficient stopping power to incapacitate but should still not inflict a lethal wound as far as possible.”

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