Role and Functioning of Central Police Organizations

“This is the very first and still the only comprehensive study of the Central Police Organizations in India.”
“In a country like India, with so many inherent diversities there just cannot be a single type of police force to meet all sorts of requirements. It has to be diverse and plural. The legacy of the colonial administration and our constitution makers have together deliberately left enough scope for this desired plurality.”
“This study takes an overview of the police administration in India, The development of ‘modern police’ in the country and discusses the various reforms and measures which had led to the increasingly important role of the Central Government in policing the nation, while dealing with the present situation. The study has discussed at length the constitutional philosophy and provisions behind the CPOs. It has outlined their arrangements in the administrative set up of the Government of India. It presents an extremely detailed and in depth examination of the variety of roles, functions, needs utility, future plans and past performance of all the CPOs.”

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