Seventy Years of India’s Independence

“In this book, Dad answers a profound and deeply disturbing question: ‘ India disintegrate : ‘Can India disintegrate’?”’?”
“Difficult question, isn’t it? Enlighten us, O Insightful One.”
But Dad has answered it brilliantly and tells you how to prevent it from happening ever.”
“He argues that the problems which India faces arise on account of some fundamental weaknesses or cracks in the very construct of this country
. A constant refrain at all forums in the country is the need to preserve the ‘unity and integrity’ of the country. Don’t we wonder why it is so? Why is it that even 70 years after independence we are obliged to make fervent, emotionally charged appeals to our own citizens to preserve the unity and integrity of the country? No other nation of the world is obliged to do that. Clearly, something is fundamentally wrong with us. If the adversaries could exploit them successfully, the cracks are likely to magnify and the resulting situations could threaten the country with the prospect of disintegration. Our salvation lies in recognizing the fundamental weaknesses and addressing them in time.
“The second issue he discusses is lone wolf terrorism. He concludes that amongst various forms of terrorism, the vulnerability of this country is especially high for urban terrorism and lone-wolf terrorism, both of which defy standard police solutions. The key to combating terrorism is to deny the terrorist the psychological advantage that he seeks.

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