Strategic Thought and the Art of War

“Friends, you guys are all distinguished military officers. You HAVE to read this book. If you don’t, you shall remain a duffer like all other military officers of the world.
“You see, military science, defence studies or defence & strategic studies, and military history are very complex subjects. Most people do not know anything beyond some jargon, hackneyed phrases and third-rate, stale quotations. I will not allow my protégé to remain dumb. I will beat you up if, when asked about Clausewitz, you are unable to tell anything except muttering his famous quote, “War is a mere continuation of policy by other means”.

“Here you will find theories of all the strategic thinkers from Sun Tzu to Sokolovsky; the art of war and warfare, important battles, and military organization/systems in the West in various periods including the Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Medieval and Modern Europe; World Wars I and II; Korean War; Vietnam War; and the two Gulf Wars; and the same in India in various periods including the Mauryas, Guptas, Harshvardhan, Chalukyas, Pallavas, and Cholas; Arab and Turk invasions; Sultanate and Mughal periods; Anglo-Mysore, Anglo-Maratha and Anglo-Sikh wars; British Indian army; and wars (1947, 1962, 1965, 1971, and 1999) of independent India.”
“There is not a single book anywhere in the whole word which discusses the whole gamut of military science, defence studies or defence & strategic studies, and military history in one cover in great detail . Read this book and its companion volume, dear friends, and you will not be obliged to touch any other book to acquire complete mastery of the subject. This I, Emperor Chubby, the Wise One guarantee.”

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