Terrorism and Anti-Terrorist Operations

“We see an American soldier shooting through a hole, O Wise One, what is special about this book?”
“This book focuses on anti-terrorist operations—the nuts and bolts of it.”
“Why, my Lord?”
Because terrorism will not be tackled by television debates, articles and seminars of the pseudo-intellectuals; it will not be tackled by the imbeciles in the armed forces either. The former do not understand the problem; the latter do not know how to go about it. The former cry themselves hoarse and yet fail to understand what keeps the terrorists going; the latter fire millions of rounds of ammunition for years altogether, kill thousands and yet wonder why they are not able to eradicate the problem. Don’t you see what has happened with the American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq?”

“Remember, brothers, tactics without strategy is an empty noise; and strategy without proper tactics is only mental extravaganza—one must master both in order to succeed. The Americans might have the best tactical doctrines in the world—they are failing because their very strategy is wrong.”
“Some other people have had neither strategy nor a scientific tactical doctrine of conducting anti-terrorist operations; that’s why they have been failing all the way! The military do not have anything to show except the so-called experience which has anyway produced no result. You know, as Frederick the Great said, “I have two mules in my army and they have gone through forty campaigns, but they are still mules.” Ha, ha, ha!”

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