Terrorism Pvt. Ltd.

“Is terrorism bothering the world again, O Learned Scholar?”
“Looks like you guys watch only daily soap operas on TV. By God, have you not heard of the new blokes in the club of terrorism, namely, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad and ISIS, and how they are wreaking havoc? ”
“You see, committing isolated acts of terrorism is easy. But have you not wondered, how is that these groups are able to field literally armies of scores of thousands of terrorists? How they feed them, house them, equip them with weapons, give them medical treatment and meet all their expenses running into millions of dollars per day? It is like running a huge company. How they do it? ”
“Oh, that’s why the title is ‘Terrorism Pvt. Ltd.! We are getting the hang of it, my Lord, please continue.”
In other words, my dears, if the world has to handle these guys, it must first know the sources of terror financing and also how and from where they get their arms and ammunition? Then only it can think about disrupting them.” “From this book, for the first time, you will learn all these things, and how we must prepare for the worst-case scenarios. You don’t want to be taken by surprise, do you? Better prepare for the worst.”

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