The Doctor is Cheating You

“What is wrong with medicine, O Learned scholar?”
“There is nothing wrong with medicine. I told you Dad is a scientist himself and is one of the biggest supporters of modern medicine. However, the way medicine is being practiced, everything is wrong with that. And that’s what Dad chose to attack in this revolutionary work.”
“You see, the practice of medicine has become a business, as simple as that. The primary objective of a private hospital is to make money; that you might perhaps get treated also is only incidental. And the doctors actively help them in this sin. That’s where their culpability lies. Whores sell their physical assets; the doctors sell their intellectual assets plus their integrity. They do not want you a healthy man—they want you a lifelong patient!”
“There is a deeply entrenched nexus of doctors, hospitals, pathological laboratories and the big pharmaceutical companies that has been systematically exploiting the poor patients. This nexus is so strong that it should properly be called ‘The Medical Mafia’. This book is the very first expose’ and challenge of its kind in India to the torments of this mafia.”
“The practicing doctor is no scientist. Amongst other things, this book opens your eyes to the fact that the opinion which the medical practitioner foists upon you is often at variance with the opinion of medical researchers who do not have a commercial interest in the matter.”
“Extremely scrupulously researched and backed by a formidable array of 553 top-class references of outstanding scientists, this is a stunning exposé of the hitherto secret world of the doctors. This book is an open challenge. As a scientist, Dad challenges all those who may have the audacity to question his contentions. It is a call for, as the Mahabharat said, ‘Yuddham dehi’! He challenges all the unethical practitioners of medicine—come and give him battle.”

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