The Myth Buster

“My curious friends, Mum and Dad wrote this book as a part of their mission to fight ignorance in the world.”
“You see one thing that these stupid humans lack very seriously is rational and scientific temper. These humans are socially and culturally attuned to believe in everything that has been handed down to them by what they heard in childhood, what their parents or relatives told them, what they read in magazines, what they saw in the ads or in some serial on TV. If something is published in a third-rate newspaper, it becomes the truth; if it is shown on TV, it becomes the ultimate truth. Most humans do not have the habit of questioning beliefs of any kind.”
“You noticed the cover of the book? This is what this book actually does. A single book busts myths, ignorance, stupidities, wrong notions, misconceptions and traditional beliefs which these humans harbour. A single heavy punch and as many as 150 great myths go flying.”
“This is the very first book of its kind in the whole fucking world which covers myths prevalent in as diverse fields as beauty, fashion and lifestyle; health and exercise; diet and nutrition; sex; miracles; supernatural phenomena; general science, astrology; medicine; sports and martial arts; terrorism; myths propagated by films; and stunts.”
“Remember one thing, boys. Harbouring irrational beliefs has nothing to do with one’s religiosity. Religion has nothing to do with their stupidity in non-ecclesiastical matters, or matters of the world. Do not let any bastard invoke religion or faith to justify his general stupidity.”
“This book is instant knowledge on finger tips. It will educate these dumb humans and make them more rational beings.”

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