The Ultimate Book of Explosives, Bombs and IEDs

“In few words, my dears, this book is to explosives, bombs and IEDs what ‘The Ultimate Book of Weapons’ is to weapons.”
“Why did they write this treatise, O Thinker?”
“Elementary, my dears, elementary; there is such terrible and most repugnant ignorance regarding explosives that I, the master of the secret art ‘Hun Chang Tung Hassee’ would like to beat them till they shit in their pants.”
“Examples of their thrashing-worthy ignorance are legion. That, with just a few pounds of explosives, they would blow up dams. That, they are able to make ‘deadly explosives’ from things as simple as hair bleach, nail polish remover and battery acid. That if the passengers are allowed to take liquids on board aircrafts; terrorists can make explosives inside the toilets, and then blow up the aircrafts mid-air. You would find a long and hilarious list of such stupid beliefs in this book which will prove how dumb the people and the security forces are.”
“Welcome to the fascinating world of explosives—from gunpowder to RDX; from binary explosives to liquid explosives; from safety fuses to electronic detonators; from door breaching charges used in urban combat to the fascinating spectacle of controlled demolitions; from shaped charges to explosive lenses; from dumb bombs to smart bombs; from alarm clock time bombs to IC chip controlled IEDs; from suicide bomb jackets to car bombs, everything is here.”
“It is a technical compendium, a collection of human stories, a historical survey, and a tribute to the conquests of technology in different ages, all blended into a highly readable treatise. This is as much a very high-standard reference book for those having some knowledge of explosives as it is a lively introduction to the subject for the lay man.”

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