The Ultimate Book of Weapons

“Weaponry is fascinating, isn’t it?”
“Yes, O Profound Guru, there is no real man who would not be thrilled by the command ‘Draw sabres, lances at the ready, Company into attack!
“Sure, my dears, humans’ greatest feats of courage and invention have taken place when they were at war. Many of the great scientific achievements of the human race have taken place in the course of war or in the pursuit of war—from rockets and radar to nuclear energy, the list is very long! The creation of great things by humans in times of peace is of every consequence but it does not bring forth the tumultuous energy which accompanies the creation of great things by humans in times of war or in the pursuit of war. Respect wars and the implements of war for a just war is better than an unjust peace.
“Enter the fascinating world of weaponry. From swords to rifles; from tanks to fighter aircrafts; from nuclear submarines to ballistic missiles; from hydrogen bombs to biological warfare, every damn thing is here. This book tells you not only all about weapons, their design, and their designers but also their place in history and the beauty of the technology involved therein all seen in the backdrop of the men who made them, the men who used them and the impact they made on the course of history.”
“Exhaustive yet attractive, informative yet interesting—this is the ultimate encyclopaedia of weaponry. Nothing even remotely of this sort has ever been attempted by anybody in the whole world. Be proud that Mum and Dad wrote this. This is a tribute to arms—to arms with love! They wrote it for those who love weapons, are fascinated by weapons, and want to know more about weapons.”

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