The Ultimate Handbook of Urban Warfare

“Listen, O curious friends, once there was an ad for an aphrodisiac. It claimed that the most important battles are fought in the bed. Looks like the humans leant to fight only those battles! No wonder, the planet is now teeming with humans. And they come out cropper in all other battles!”

“The militaries of the world have no idea of how to fight in an urban environment. Whenever they operate in urban areas, they fumble and mess up. Remember what happened to the Russians in Chechnya and Grozny? Armies know only one thing. Blast the house, or burn it—as they say, smoke the rats out. Of course, they do not have any brains to even comprehend the repercussions and ramifications of doing such things on the people and the larger issue of insurgency.”

“My friends, there is hell of a difference between conventional MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) or FIBUA (Fighting in Built-Up Areas) which are war-time operations, and counterinsurgency operations in urbanized terrain.”

“Incompetence is epic, my dears. For everything, they will bring the tanks out. Two guys enter their camps and you will find the tanks blasting their own buildings.”
“Counterinsurgency operations in urbanized terrain are a science in itself, particularly if you have to avoid collateral damage as much as possible. Never forget, it is not war!”
“That’s why Dad wrote this book—to rid the world of the scourge of ignorance.”

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