Truth Beyond Science

“This is not just a book, my boys. Books are written by mind, that is, intellect. This is an inspired creation. Dad did not write this book. The book got itself written through him.”
“It boldly asks questions which no man has asked before. It boldly suggests answers which no man has suggested before.”
“Remember, dears, this is not some religious, unscientific or mysterious Mumbo-jumbo. Dad is a nuclear scientist himself. He knows that science explains things as they are. But he goes beyond science. When do protons and neutrons interact with each other the way they are observed to interact? Why is gravity only as strong as it is? Why did the Big Bang take place at all? Why do living systems exhibit a desire to survive, and what makes them do so? If the most crucial things in the universe are to be only as they are and not otherwise, there has to be some reason for it. Orthodox science is unable to furnish any answer to that. This work provides an answer to all that remains unanswered by orthodox science and thus, in a way, complements science.”
“It is THE ANSWER to the ultimate question: From the microcosm to the macrocosm, why things are the way they are and not otherwise?”
“This is the very first scientific quest for God!”
“Truth Beyond Science” is the very first book in the whole world that makes a scientific examination of the concept of self-consciousness and shows that the consciousness of the self is materially different from cognitive consciousness that entails consciousness of the world outside.”
“Read it, you will be astounded!”

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Phone: +91-141-2578159

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