Urban Terrorism: Myths and Realities

“Now what is urban terrorism, Sire, and what are the myths associated with it which Mum and Dad bust here?”
“I will enlighten you, my protégé. To illustrate the point, the terrorist attack in Mumbai in November 2008 unleashed a plethora of reactions—some amusing; some outrageous, some funny, some hopelessly stupid, some un-cogitated, and some simply knee-jerk reactions. But they amply showed only one thing: how dumb the people are. You must see the beauty of some of these gems for yourself to realize how badly everyone needs to be educated about urban terrorism.”

• A slap should be answered with a slap. (What does it mean, dears? Should India also commit acts of terrorism in Pakistan?)
• Nuke Pakistan. Finish the matter once and for all. (OK, and what about their nukes? Are they supposed to take it quietly like a bride waiting to be deflowered on her wedding night?)
• How could they get into world-famous hotels, which allegedly are on high alert currently, and leisurely prepare and execute their diabolical deeds? This is the mother of all security lapses.” (Dear dumbo, who told you that a terrorist requires a pass or an invitation to get into ‘world-famous hotels’? He is forcing entry, duffer. Understand? You mean to say that world-famous people cannot be robbed, killed or raped? Terrorism could perhaps be tolerated as long as they exploded bombs in some middle-class market. Either a crack commando force should be raised exclusively for the protection of the places where the rich, the beautiful and the powerful hang out or they should be permitted to hire their private Green Berets or Israeli commandos.)
• We don’t have an effective intelligence gathering network. (Profound observations indeed! Had the intelligence agencies been smart, the National Security Guards would have been waiting at the Taj Hotel before the terrorists arrived there!)
• We have not been able to eradicate terrorism only because we do not have enough commandos everywhere or that they are not as smartly dressed as the sexy Americans!

“Ignorance is endemic, you see. Nobody understands the fact that killing a few terrorists would not finish terrorism. As long as we do not address the root cause, there would be many more willing to kill and get killed. And it’s not only me who says so.”
“Among others, Michael F. Scheuer, former chief of CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Tracking Unit also says that the terrorists are not madmen lashing out indiscriminately to re-establish some sort of Islamic caliphate. They know it well that they cannot do so.Their reasons are different and, among other things, are intimately linked with what the Americans are doing in the Muslim lands.
“Victory against terrorism can be achieved only if you have completely understood the fundamental reasons of terrorism, the motivation of the terrorists, the intrinsic weaknesses of the targets, the innate strength of the ‘way of the terrorist’, and the follies of the approach that you have persisted with so far. Any nation that has floundered in its fight against terrorism, it is because it has never had a serious and honest-to-God analysis of terrorism. Hence this book.

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