Yoga and other Quackery Exposed

“What is this book about, my Lord?” “You see brothers, yoga, in its original ancient concept, was never considered or intended to be a medical system.” “Dad is a scholar of the Hindu scriptures. He is the celebrated author of the phenomenal best-seller book ‘Hinduon Apne Dharma Ko Jano’. He has extremely deep knowledge of the scriptures. Yoga was a system of deeply spiritual philosophy and not a system of bodily exercises. The ultimate aim of yoga was union with God—and not the control of your diabetes!” “However, some people are peddling it as a system in which some very easy breathing exercises and asanas are claimed to be able to treat the most dreadful of diseases. This demands scientific investigation. As scientists we must have open minds. As Shakespeare said, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. You never know what could be working. Hence they must produce credible scientific evidence for the fantastic claims they are making. I and my Dad would bow before them in reverence besides recommending them for a Nobel Prize in medicine.” “Moreover, it is not Dad’s personal opinion. A formidable array of as many as 425 top-class research papers and books of outstanding scientists and internationally renowned authorities across the world cited in the book show that whenever yoga and prananyam have been tested in RCTs (randomized controlled trials), they have singularly failed to be more beneficial than simple PT or calisthenics. RCT, as you know, are the Gold Standard in medical research. Anything which is not proven in RCTs can only be regarded as a fake or fluke.” “Yes, Sire, science does not accord any credence to anecdotal evidence of any kind, particularly when it is not open to examination by neutral scientists. You cannot have you private laboratory claiming that they found the sugar level of a diabetic to have been reduced after four days of yoga!” “Sure, science is not impressed by the position of the man making the claim either. In science, we do not accept something as truth only because some big shot is making the claim. Research papers submitted by Stephen Hawking also go through the process of peer-review.” “Yoga has actually become one of the ‘in’ things for the rich and beautiful. Because the rich and beautiful people are dumb to boot, they are taken by any current fad without looking for scientific basis.”

Exciting yoga, isn’t it?

“The other pseudo-scientific things analyzed in the book range from acupuncture, chelation therapy, herbalism and paraherbalism, naturpathy, magnet therapy, anti-aging medicines, breatharianism, quantum healing, reiki, pranic healing, faith healing, aroma therapy, mega doses of vitamin C, and detoxification to low-carb fad diets.”

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