or in simple words,

“Tell us, O Learned Master, what does Dad do banging away on his laptop in that hot, suffocating and scary room full of books they call a library?”
“Be careful with your words, friends; banging away has a different connotation in the porn industry! Ha, ha, ha!”

“Well, my beloved ones, on a serious note, he too, like me, has been sent to single-handedly wage a war against the Universal Assault of Ignorance and the Tyranny of the Ignorant. Stupidity is a formidable enemy, my dear friends. Against stupidity, as Schiller said, the gods themselves struggle in vain. By any chance, so said Einstein, the Universe itself may be finite, but human stupidity is infinite.”

“Remember, O curious friends, God gives intellect; but it is the man who has to acquire knowledge. One who has acquired knowledge, is under an obligation to share it. This is a debt of the gods that can be repaid in this manner only. To perpetuate knowledge, either one must have disciples, as I have in you; or one must write books for the sake of posterity. There is no other way. Mum and Dad write their books for the sake of posterity—so that generations of humans coming long after, may have some hope of redemption from the scourge called stupidity.”

“I have complaint about only one thing, though. He does not allow anyone of us in the library.”
“What did you do about it, O Learned One?
“Well, I register my protest by peeing on the door of the library or the first book rack every time I manage to enter there. Once I sneaked in and peed on his laptop also.”
“What books they have written, O Astute One?
“My dears, by the age of 58 and 53 respectively, they have already written 42 books.”
“Bravo, Sire, bravo, an outstanding feat! Who in the fuck could be intellectually so productive?”
“None, my dears, none! There is nobody in the whole fucking world who, in sheer breadth and depth of knowledge comes anywhere near them.”

Dad writes all these books under the All India Service (Conduct) Rules 1968 and does give detailed disclaimers as per Rule 6 that they are Dad’s personal views and have nothing to with his official position. Moreover, Dad has never criticized any specific person by name. He dwells only on professional or academic issues. Other humans are too small to be commented upon specifically by him.

“Here is a broad field-wise list for those who are so dumb that they cannot read the details of the books.”

Terrorism and Counterinsurgency:
1. Terrorism, Insurgencies and Counterinsurgency Operations
2. Urban Terrorism: Myths and Realities
3. Terrorism and Anti-terrorist Operations
4. Terrorism Pvt. Ltd.
5. ISIS and Taliban: The Inside Story

Science of Warfare/Combat:
6. Jungle Warfare: An Ultimate Handbook
7. The Ultimate Handbook of Urban Warfare

Military Science, Defence and Strategic Studies
8. Indian Defence: Crisis and Challenges
9. India’s Wars and Warfare
10. Strategic Thought and the Art of War
11. National Security and Global Strategic Issues
12. Defence Yearbook
13. Next War: India, Pakistan, China
14. Nuclear Weapons and International Security

Disaster Management:
15. Disaster Management
16. Natural Disaster Management: What Every Man Should Know To Save Their Families
17. Fire-fighting

Science of Intelligence:
18. Intelligence and Security Management

Science of Weapons:
19. The Ultimate Book of Weapons
20. The Ultimate Book of Explosives, Bombs and IEDs

Military History and Military Science:
21. Historic Battles of India: A Study in Military Science
22. Decisive Battles of Indian History

23. Later Mughals: Their Decline And British Ascent

Internal Security:
24. India’s Internal Security: The Actual Concerns
25. Naxalism and Anti-Naxal Operations
26. Seventy Years of India’s Independence
27. Kashmir: An Experiment Gone Sour

28. Leadership Failure In Police
29. Rip the Khaki
30. Police and Security Yearbook

Cyber Science:
31. Cyber Crimes: Preventive Measures and Cyber Forensics
32. Cyber Security, Cyber Attacks and Hacking
33. Cyber Law: Legal and Practical Aspects

General Scientific Subjects:
34. The Myth Buster

35. Truth Beyond Science

Medical Science and Medical Ethics:
36. The Doctor is Cheating You
37. Yoga and other Quackery Exposed

Social Issues:
38.Not Again Draupadi: Women’s Security in India

Hindu Religious Philosophy:
39. Hinduon Apne Dharma Ko Jano

Urdu Poetry:
40. Mashal-e-Raah

Constitutional Law:
41. The Indian President

Public Administration:
42. Role and Functioning of Central Police Organizations

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