“Tell us something about the military officers of the world, Sire.”
“As I have already said, they are dull, naturally dull. Many of them cannot think beyond their drinks, golf and sleeveless blouses!
“But there is another problem with them. They suffer from an extreme insecurity complex too. They fear that no one would give them a second look if they are not decked up in their uniform and medals.”
“Yes, O Learned Scholar. In birds, feathers and plumes serve just one purpose—attracting the dumb females. Well, the uniform, the medals and the ribbons serve exactly the same purpose in military officers too.” “In fact, I hear that there has been a demand from their drum-beaters on Twitter that to honour their services to their respective nations, companies must make special condoms for them with stars and other badges of rank printed on them for a glorious, ‘dedicated to the service of the nation’ fuck! Ha, ha, ha!”

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