“Open our eyes on this matter, my Lord.”
“Listen carefully, dears. There are many similarities between business and governance. The entire system of business rests upon ‘motivating’ the customer to make an irrational choice. A customer does not purchase something because he makes an objective decision based on some scientific criteria. He purchases because the ads appeal to his irrational side.”
“The advertisement industry thrives on one thing: to use such imagery coupled with catchy slogans which will bypass critical thinking of the consumer and engage his emotions to gain a sale. Images often speak directly to our right brains, activating the limbic system, and potentially bypassing rational thought. That’s what they do in governance also.”

“Both business and governance are therefore arts of manipulation of the minds of the people. Sell them dreams and thrive.”

“Now you understand why they use sizzling hot girls in ads. As I told you earlier, there is nothing in the material world which cannot be achieved by sucking; similarly, there is nothing which cannot be sold by a good cleavage."
“A good cleavage can sell sanitary napkins to a man!”

Thus spake the Learned Scholar

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