how the world is governed?

“Open our eyes, Master, what happens in the offices from where they govern the world? What do we people do there?”
“They suck, my dears, they suck. And, remember, I am not singling out poor Monica Lewinsky!”
“There is nothing in the material world of humans which cannot be achieved by sucking.”
“And like experts in martial arts, you have suckers of various ‘dan’ everywhere. The lowest of them are like black-belt holders who can merely suck expertly. Suckers of the first ‘dan’ suck expertly and enjoy it. Suckers of the second ‘dan’ suck expertly, enjoy it and express their gratitude by swallowing it. Suckers of the third ‘dan’ suck expertly, enjoy it, swallow it and ask for more. However, suckers of the fourth ‘dan’ do all the above and start gargling with it! Those who rise to the highest positions, have all been suckers of the fourth ‘dan’."

“Everybody loves a sucker. Duffers and suckers have a perfect symbiotic existence in the world; the stupidity of one is fed by the cupidity of the other and vice versa.”

“What else they do, O Revered Scholar, besides sucking?”
“Well, they hold meetings. One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, nothing beats a meeting. Those who cannot understand anything individually want everyone to feel the same way—then they are said to be ‘on the same page’ and acting in synergy!”
“The entire system, my friends, is like a massive digestive system. Whatever you feed into it, eventually it all becomes shit.”
“Even shit could be pardoned for being harmless, but these guys are vicious bastards. You could trust the cheapest whore in town—never trust these guys—their morals are even lower. In fact, the smaller an employee, the more fragile his ego is; you can rest assured that he will raise the maximum objections to feel more important.”

“Then how do things move in the world, O Savant?”
“Who said they move, my dears? The system is like a giant computer, the default setting of which is NO. Irrespective of the input, the output is always NO. The system specializes in telling you why something cannot be done. Haven’t you seen the row of red lights outside the offices of senior officers? Like Railway signals, they also tell you that nothing would move beyond them. Ha, ha, ha!”

“It requires effort to ‘motivate’ the person or manually override the default setting of the computer. This effort takes various forms depending on the propensities and proclivities of the person to be ‘motivated’. Sometimes it is pure bribery; sometimes it is ‘connections’; sometimes it is nepotism; sometimes it is pleasures of the flesh; sometimes it is blackmail; sometimes it is pampering to one’s ego by getting him publicized; whatever that suits.”

“Getting something eventually done from the system is therefore a ceremonious occasion like deflowering.”

“These guys do not even piss without taking some money from somebody. There was a sting operation once in which a very senior officer had revealed that nobody said even ‘good evening’ to him without offering a bottle of Black Label whisky.” “Many media people have perfected the art of getting things done with very effective combinations of all the above. They can make you popular; blackmail you; offer you ‘pretty young things’; in short, they can do anything. They are the ultimate pimps and brokers.”

“Remember, my dear brothers, with all such bastards, there is no justice to be had in the world of humans. Justice is an aberration; injustice is the norm. Justice goes to the highest bidder. The more you can spend, the more justice you can expect.”

“Our curiosity is aroused, O Learned One, continue enlightening us further. For whom does the system exist then?”
“The system exists for itself, not for you. For centuries, humans have allowed such systems because they are fools. Once upon a time, rulers forced themselves upon the people by force of arms and tormented them. Now people elect rulers for some years and let them torment them. Then they elect another set of rulers to torment them. If the rulers change in the process, these humans think that they are empowered! How dumb!”

“All that the human rulers have to do is to make a fool of the people—the only condition is that the percentage of the people they make a fool of must be higher than their rival's. One cannot make a fool of all the people all the time, but one can sure make a fool of a majority of the people. It is buggery of the people by the people for the people.”
“You know not my dears; as Count Alexis Oxienterna observed, with what great stupidity the world is governed.”
“Sire, what the system is most afraid of?”
“There is nothing more frightening to the system than an intelligent or knowledgeable man—he is a threat to the collective stupidity and ignorance that pervades the system. The entire system, every single guy in it immediately gangs up against him

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