what do you think of people?

“Tell us, O Wise Man, what do you think of people in general?”
“O Inquisitive Friends, they are all assholes. Have you ever seen a dumb dog? You have dumb professors, dumb doctors, dumb engineers, dumb POTUS, dumb FLOTUS, dumb voters, dumb leaders, dumb cops, dumb officers, dumb blondes, and dumber TV anchors but never a dumb dog!”

“Stupidity, my dears, is like a mountain river. It emanates from the top and as it comes down, it gathers more volume and flow of more and more stupidity.”

“Duffers don’t have horns, you see—they all look perfectly normal from the outside. It is only perceptive creatures like me who can see what is going inside their heads.”

“Does not matter what position the duffers hold in life. There is a saying that if a donkey is even placed on the throne of Lord Indra (the king of gods in Hindu mythology) by some contrivance, he still remains a donkey.”
Why, Sire, why?”

“The reason is that, for most humans, the most difficult thing is to think for themselves. People would eat the flesh of prohibited animals, even commit a sin like violating their mothers but would not think for themselves.”
“What else they are, my Lord, besides being stupid?”

“In one word, they are maleficent, if you understand the word. It means they are causing or are capable of producing EVIL. Cutting across countries, races, cultures, civilizations, they are all maleficent. My dears, depravity is natural; goodness needs to be cultivated. And that is the source of all problems in the world.”

“What makes the people so, my Lord?”

“There are many reasons. Most importantly, many twists in a man's or woman’s personality are somehow or the other linked to their sex life or sexual orientation—the more problems with those, the more twisted the personality. A man who does not have a normal, healthy sex life becomes a tyrant in his office, organization, party, country or wherever he happens to be; a woman who does not have a normal, healthy sex life becomes verbose, cantankerous or domineering.”

“What a profound observation, O Insightful One, now we understand the personalities of so many people around us! Aah..., now we understand the behaviour of many TV anchors and the TV panellists; the cruel cops; the insensitive officers; the ‘strict’ teachers, everybody.”
“Brothers, sometimes study history and reflect upon it. It also explains why so many leaders of the world have been so weird. You will be enlightened. The source of most of the miseries of the common people has been in the bedrooms of their leaders, who have sexually not been normal guys or gals!”
“What is your advice to the people, Sire?”
“Have some heart; there are many duffers like you in the world.

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