“What do you think of sports and sportspersons, O Brilliant One?”
“Have you not studied ethology, dears? Sports are juvenile activities even in animals. In humans they are outright retarded activities.”
“Sportspersons are just another type of entertainers like film actors, pole dancers and bar girls.”
“Usually most of them are illiterate guys and gals with nothing in their upper floors.”

“In an earlier era, they were kept in their place in the society. The Spartans, for example, gave their Olympic winners a crown of laurel leaves, but no money. Much later too when they started giving money, it was only as much as their antics deserved. After retirement, some of them opened shops of sports goods or restaurants. Some sold shaving creams. Now as the general level of dumbness has increased in the society, these humans have made them into role models.
What a shame! What an insult to intellect!”
“Yes, my Lord, these guys are given so much reward money for winning some stupid medal somewhere which a hard-working, highly educated guy of the country cannot make in his entire lifetime! It is an insult to that guy’s intellect and hard work.”
“Fact is, many sports activities thrive because of a hidden sexual angle to it. I am told that many viewers watch women’s tennis only for the lavish display of bouncing tits, smooth underarms, luscious thighs and, of course, panties in the short skirts!
“Somebody takes a wooden plank. Another fool throws a leather ball at him. The first guy beats it all day. Many more guys run around a field to catch the ball. What is this? Well, this is a stupid thing called cricket and the dumb people make billionaires of these characters. Pathetic! This is the depth to which humans have fallen!”

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