Terrorism, Insurgencies and Counterinsurgency Operations

“What is this book about, O Revered Scholar, and why did they write it?”

“My dears, they wrote this book to eradicate the scourge of ignorance about terrorism, insurgencies and counterinsurgency operations from the world. Every third-rate paper and channel is full of stories of terrorism but, to give you one example, they do not even know the difference between terrorism, insurgency, militancy, and extremism. Pathetic, isn’t it?”

“This is the most exhaustive study on the subject—a veritable encyclopaedia of terrorism, insurgencies and counterinsurgency operations. Everything that matters or needs to be known on the subject is to found here. It is, in fact, a vade mecum—the ultimate handbook that one would like to keep constantly at hand for reference on any topic.”

“Incidentally, the book came days after the 9/11 attacks. But the 9/11 attack was nothing in comparison to what intelligent terrorists could do. By God, they could blow up an airliner by a bomb that can never be detected!” “Remember, dears, nations of the world are just groping in the dark. When the enemy knows what he is doing and they do not, going by trial and error is the most dangerous way to fight a war. Learn or perish, the choice is yours.”

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